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Basins are one of the most used elements in a modern bathroom. We use them to wash our hands and faces, brush our teeth, and more. However, most people don't realise how much a wash basin can change a bathroom's overall appearance. Even a simple bathroom can be improved by adding a suitable basin. Choosing a bathroom basin that fits your lifestyle and layout is key to getting your perfect bathroom renovation. 

Our selection of basins comes with various measures, designs, mounting styles, materials and shades. Whether you're looking to buy a large luxury basin or a small cloakroom basin, our products come in various shapes, including round, rectangular and square. Our range of basins blends perfectly with other bathroom products, depending on your selected style.

The friendly and professional team at Apadana Design can help you to guide our vast selection of premium quality bathroom basins. We ensure you get what you are looking for in your dream bathroom. Apadana Design offers elegant freestanding basins, the ever-popular wall basins, Line Ceramic Basin, Riva Ceramic Basin, Semi-recessed Ceramic Basin, Dove Matt Black Basin, Gardinier Gloss White Basin many more.  

How to select your bathroom basin 

Selecting the best basin set for your bathroom can be challenging, regarding the range of choices available in Melbourne. But don't worry; we will guide you to find a suitable bathroom basin for your home. The proper bathroom basin for your home will mostly depend on the size and structure of your bathroom. Here are some significant factors to consider that will help you make a pick:

  • The dimensions of your bathroom
  • Location of other fixtures
  • Location of your existing basin plumbing 
  • How do you want your basin to look
  • Current bathroom themes
  • Budget