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  • Premium Materials

    You can count on Apadana Design to source and use only the most high-quality materials. With our affordable bathroom renovations, you can buy everything — including the kitchen sink — and enjoy luxurious durability that won’t break the bank.

  • Sleek, Modern Designs

    Out with the old — in with the new! At Apadana Design, we’re all about breathing life back into tired tiles and old, ornate taps with transformative modern designs. Find functionality and aesthetics in equal measure from our designers, who have their fingers on the interior pulse.

  • Space Efficiency

    As well as aesthetics, space efficiency is another area in which Apadana Designers do well. While drawing up our blueprints, we keep functionality at the forefront of our minds. The mark of an Apadana kitchen or bathroom is one where you can glide from task to task without giving it a second thought.

  • Storage Smart

    Every modern kitchen needs neat, accessible storage spaces free from clutter. From well-curated cabinets to built-in organisers and pantry systems, we think of the smart storage solutions so you don’t have to.


Of course, we couldn’t call ourselves modern if we weren’t up-to-date with the latest earth-friendly fittings. Switch on your sink-side lighting and enjoy a beautiful ambience that’s easier on Mother Earth — and your electricity bill.

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