5 Common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid

5 Common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid

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A bathroom renovation is not the easiest job in the world, and it requires proper planning and execution to be completed correctly. If you are not cautious or choose the wrong renovator for the job, you may be dissatisfied with the results and end up spending thousands more to renovate the entire project.

This blog will cover some bathroom renovation blunders to avoid and keep an eye out for below. Avoiding and preventing them will ensure you are satisfied with the renovation work.

Lack of proper budgeting

Although bathroom renovations sound exciting, many homeowners fail to plan appropriately. Details like labour, tilework, and plumbing are critical when renovating a bathroom.

A breakdown budget for these renovation areas is required to take advantage of critical needs. It provides you with enough stress-free time when you have the best budget for your desired renovated bathroom, with no underlying regrets.

Improper layout

The layout of your bathroom determines the entire bathroom renovation process. So proper planning is required to avoid clutter and improper spacing in the limited space. If you are more concerned with the bathroom's appearance than its functionality, it is time to reconsider the idea of a bathroom renovation. 

Remember that comfort comes before luxury, so carefully consider the layout and spacing when planning a bathroom renovation. You must arrange your bathroom furnishings and fixtures in such a way that they are easy and comfortable to use daily.

Not having enough storage space

Storage is essential in your bathroom, as in all other rooms of your home. Remember to leave enough space in your bathroom for your medicine, cosmetics, hairdryers, shavers, wet towels, dry towels, straighteners, and anything else that can be stored there. Having enough storage space in your bathroom allows you to keep nearly anything you want in there for convenience.

Furthermore, a large bathroom allows for the installation and access to vanity drawers rather than doors. If you want to keep some items away from your fingers, you should consider over-the-counter mirrored shaving cabinets. Finally, heated towel rails are essential for family bathrooms because they can hold many towels while remaining dry and fluffy.

Avoid dull lighting

One of the essential aspects of a good bathroom renovation is adequate lighting. So you must avoid the mistake of having dull lighting in the bathroom. The proper lighting can make your bathroom functional while also soothing and giving you the right aura and vibe. 

Pot lights are ideal for the shower area because they illuminate the space while remaining unobtrusive. Combining general, task, and mood lighting, transform your bathroom into a sophisticated, classy space.

Never renovate your bathroom in a rush

When doing a bathroom renovation, take enough time to understand every detail. Some homeowners get impatient and renovate their bathrooms in a rush, leading to less quality work. While renovating your bathroom, ensure you invest your time and resources in building a quality home and never leave any detail unfinished.

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