Shower set & shower head
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Shower set & shower head

Shower Set

Choose from a range of shower set styles, including handheld, rainfall, or combination. The sleek, minimalist design is ideal for those desiring to tie their shower into the whole bathroom concept, with matte black, chrome plate, brushed gold, and brushed nickel models available.

Bringing a touch of trendy style to your bathroom can be accomplished by installing one of our modern shower sets into your home.

With a choice of on-trend finishes, you can modernise any bathroom with high-end luxury. For an industrial appearance, opt for a matte black shower set or something a little chicer; choose from our stunning designs.

All of our contemporary shower sets are protected by the Apadana Design guarantee and can be further enhanced with our range of bathroom accessories and fittings. Add Spa-inspired luxury to your space today with a stylish shower set from APD design. 

Shower Head 

The shower head can be one of the essential things when creating your dream shower; it should be functional and long-lasting while having a steady and comfortable flow of water. These are important considerations when choosing a shower head.

Apadana Design offers a range of water-saving shower head for your bathroom that provides a more classic style. These shower heads come with matching handles that allow you to set the ideal temperature.

It's never been easier to plan your ideal luxurious shower experience to help you relax after a long day. You can even do this online; simply measure your current shower head, choose a style, and we'll deliver it right to your door!

Choose from our extensive range of showers at prices that suit any budget.

Shower rail

A bathroom shower rail allows you to easily adjust the height of your handheld shower for a stress-free and effortless showering experience.

Our shower rails combine functionality and elegance and are available in various finishes to complement any architectural space. They smartly incorporate the handheld shower, allowing for simple adjustment to accommodate people of all heights. We offer different shower rail designs to suit your space. 

Our Shower Rail combines a rounded organic aesthetic with solid brass construction. Available in various finishes, including brushed nickel, gold, chrome plate and matte black.


How can I clean my bathroom shower set?

Regularly clean your shower rail set with soft liquid detergent or soap and water with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using cream cleaners or bleach, as these substances are abrasive and may scratch your shower set. Also, don't use cleaning pads with abrasive surfaces.

How do I install the shower rail set?

Please ensure your bathroom shower rail set is perfectly installed on the wall. An installation guide or specification sheet can be accessed online. The installation manual is listed under the 'Product Documents' tab on the relevant product page. 

What is the standard size of a shower arm?

Since the length or size of a shower area can differ greatly, there is no "standard" size or length for shower arms; however, the most common length used in residential homes is 300mm.