Shaving Cabinet and Mirrors
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Shaving Cabinet and Mirrors

Every bathroom needs to keep a lot of stuff and must have at least one mirror. A mirror and shaving cabinet can be a valuable addition to any bathroom. They provide an ultra-modern appearance and feeling in your bathroom and can be a statement piece, a method to make the bathroom more prominent, or a location to bounce natural light and create a brighter ambience.

We offer a wide range of options, including high cabinets and open-shelf varieties. We also offer bathroom mirrors with LED lights for shaving, make-up, and doing tricky dental-floss manoeuvres. They provide convenient lighting in spaces with limited natural light.

Choose from our stylish shaving mirrors and cabinets for a more classic feel. We provide high-quality mirrors in various shapes and sizes. All the Mirror and shaving cabinets from Apadana Design are ready to mount and install. Whether you want to upgrade your existing bathroom or add new amenities, we have mirrors and shaving cabinets that suit your space. Our every product is durable and created by cutting-edge, innovative designers to provide the best contemporary living to Australian homes. 

Whether you require a big family bathroom mirror, a small private bathroom mirror or cabinets, APD Design has what you need.


What height to hang a mirror and shaving cabinet?

The general height to hang a mirror and shaving cabinets should be around 2m from the floor so that they’re tall enough for someone to stand under.

What is the procedure for placing a mirror shaving cabinet and mirror?

  1. Place a spirit level on the wall to mark the place of your new mirror and shaving cabinet.
  2. Use a stud finder to pick the locations of the wall studs on the back of your shaving cabinet and mark them down.
  3. Place the cabinet correctly and then drive screws through the pre-drilled holes into the studs using the stud marks as a reference point.
  4. Screw the cabinet into the wall stud and install the cabinet doors and shelves. 

Is there sufficient space between the vanity and the mirror?

When placing up the bathroom mirror and light fixture, begin with the mirror since it is the most accessible. The mirror should be centred on the wall, and the usual distance from a bathroom sink to the bottom of the mirror is 13 - 25 cm.