Laundry Troughs
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Laundry Troughs

Laundry Troughs with cabinets are almost essential for any modern household. They add much-needed functionality and organisation to any laundry space. Whether you’re looking for a mini, single, or double laundry trough, one that’s traditional or contemporary in design, or merely a standalone laundry sink, you’re sure to find one suitable for your needs and budget within our extensive range. Our range includes various laundry troughs suitable for under-mount or top-mount installation.

At Apadana Design, we present you with various options for your specific requirement designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your laundry space. Designed with keeping space issues in mind, compact troughs from APD Design are a great option for any restricted room. Maximise and utilise every inch of the room efficiently with our laundry trough. 

By installing our units, you can remodel your new laundry to achieve an uncluttered and practical result with the right fittings and fixtures. And most importantly, knowing the requirements of your laundry as far as washing and storing needs will help you make a better selection of the combination. You may need a large-sized laundry trough if you have a big family. You can consider 30, 35, 45, and 2X45-litre options.



What Are Laundry Troughs?  

As the name suggests, you might think you can only do the laundry, but you’d be surprised at its multi-functionality. Unlike the classic kitchen or bathroom 

sinks, laundry sink troughs are deeper and have a wider area. This is because it needs to accommodate your garments which are larger in area than plates and cutlery.

Do I Really Need Laundry Troughs? 

A laundry tub is a good choice if you want a workspace that allows you to maintain your laundry schedule much more effectively. Having a laundry trough is going to make your life much more convenient. For example, instead of going up and down the stairs to wash your clothes, you can do it in the laundry trough.

Should I Install Bigger Laundry Troughs?

It’ll depend on what your requirements are. If you are dealing with the occasional stains on your clothing, you don’t need to buy a big laundry trough. But if you have to do the laundry for the whole family, you’ll need a larger trough to make your work easier.