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Everything Including the Kitchen Sink 

Revitalise your space with Apadana Design's exceptional selection of modern kitchen sinks, crafted to bring both style and functionality to your culinary haven. Our contemporary sinks are designed with a keen eye for aesthetics and practicality, adding a sophisticated look to your kitchen. Consider the transformative impact of incorporating a double kitchen sink into your renovation plans. Beyond its stylish appeal, a double sink provides incredible convenience, allowing you to multitask and streamline daily kitchen activities. Picture washing dishes while having a separate basin for food preparation or accommodating the needs of a busy household effortlessly. Apadana Design's commitment to innovation results in double kitchen sinks that aren’t just a practical addition, but a style statement that reflects the interior design choices you’ve already made in your space. With traditional options of silver and chrome, and contemporary options of black, copper and gold, these are kitchen sinks Melbourne loves. Our team of kitchen renovation experts will help you pick a sink and a kitchen sink mixer tap to modernise your space in moments. Your dream kitchen awaits!

 The Bathroom & Beyond

Apadana Design is the home of modern bathroom renovations. If you’re looking to create a palatial spa-like experience at home, we have the bathtubs and wall-hung vanities you need. Offering pieces in wood, marble and crisp tile, we have options for every interior style. For tight spaces, a small bathroom basin is the perfect solution. Our compact yet stylish units are specially crafted to maximise space efficiency without compromising on aesthetics. Our expert team of renovation professionals will take a look at the measurements of your bathroom, chat through the style you’re trying to achieve, and design the perfect update for your home. Enquire today

Shop In-Store or Online

Discover the kitchen and bathroom renovation pieces you’ve been searching for at Apadana Design. Whether you need a basin and bath or a toilet and tapware, we have beautiful pieces to make your space come alive. Visit us in-store in Fitzroy, or shop our range online 24/7. Our expert team is here to help you revitalise your home with the perfect blend of form and function. Elevate your space, elevate your style—experience the Apadana difference today!


How to clean the kitchen sink properly?

  • Do rinse and wipe dry the sink thoroughly after each use.
  • Do not clean the sink across the satin finish lines.
  • Do not let liquid soap or other household cleaners dry on the surface of the sink
  • Do not leave bleach and water standing in the sink for a long time
  • Do not use a harsh pad to clean the sink. 

Why do sinks clog?

The gradual accumulation of dirt, pipe scale, fat, oil, grease, and other discarded food particles is the most common cause of sink clogging. All of this contributes to a decrease in water flow. All of this contributes to the reduction in water flow.

Which kitchen sink is suitable for a small kitchen?

If you have limited space for a kitchen benchtop, the best kitchen sink would be a single-bowl option that can be under-mounted.