Towel Ladder
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Towel Ladder

Are you looking for a practical and smart way to store your bathroom towels? Then a ladder towel is a perfect solution for you. Here at Apadana design, we have a wide range of towel ladders in various colour choices and bar configurations, so there is something to compliment every bathroom!

Why do you need a towel ladder?

Lack of space in a bathroom is one of the major issues that many people commonly struggle with. At times, it can be difficult to hang more than two towel rails horizontally on the wall. If you have this problem too, you'll need a 

towel ladder! They work in compact spaces and can hang up to six towels depending on the size you decide on. 

Apadana Design towel ladders are designed in different sizes and styles to suit and fit perfectly your bathroom style. Look at the available styles and find the perfect match for your bathroom!


What's the correct placement for a towel ladder?

A towel ladder should be placed within convenient reach of your vanity or washbasin. This prevents random drips and water spots on your bathroom floor. However, ensure enough space for the hand towel to be placed without getting it wet from water splashes. 

What are the types of Towel Ladders?

The towel ladder comes with STL or Z, square and round shapes and designs available in freestanding and wall-mounted styles. 

At what height should I install my towel ladder?

Your towel ladder should be fitted at the most practical height to facilitate easy use. We recommend the towel ladder is placed no closer than 600mm off the floor.