Latest Trends For Kitchen Renovations In Melbourne

Latest Trends For Kitchen Renovations In Melbourne

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If you are planning kitchen renovations in Melbourne, you can choose from various latest kitchen trends. It will make your kitchen modern and offer great functionality in terms of materials and appliances. From Kitchen Island and green cabinets to innovative appliances and textured workshops, this blog will guide you with the latest kitchen trends in Melbourne.

Innovative drawer format appliances

​More than ​​ever, we have seen innovations in kitchen storage ideas to make life easier; for example, pan drawers have long been a favourite in kitchen design due to their easy accessibility and clever storage. Appliances are relegated to deep drawers rather than freestanding, separate units. 

Take advantage of these cutting-edge designs on everything from refrigerators and freezers to dishwashers and warming drawers. People want innovative yet simple-to-use appliances.

Smart storage

In an era when we strive to declutter for our overall well-being, storage has become critical in today's kitchen trends. Especially in kitchens, where we require many things such as ingredients to cooking equipment. Kitchen storage styles that are well-placed and concealed are a lifesaver for the aesthetics of our kitchens.

Ample space to keep clutter out of sight is always important when planning any successful layout to make the space work harder for you. Customers prefer extensive, easy-access storage options, such as pan drawers in islands and large-opening pantry units.

Multi-purpose Island

Many homeowners opt for the multipurpose island as we spend more time in the kitchen for other tasks rather than cooking. A multipurpose island totally changes the way how you use your kitchen and serves the space for various activities such as cooking, a homework station, an informal dining area and entertainment space. 

Your kitchen island ideas and plans will decide how it should be designed. In case you need some extra storage, you can incorporate cabinets, shallow ledges and open shelving according to your comfort. 

Before considering these trends, you can also analyse how much does a Kitchen renovation cost in 2022.

The pantry is trending

The inclusion of the pantry in the kitchen layout is one of the beneficial trends of kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Because of the trend of including the pantry section in the kitchen, the traditional way of keeping grocery essential have become outdated and are no longer accepted by homeowners.  

You can choose from the latest pantry styles and designs, such as separate units, a tall unit or a kind of door style. You can customise your pantry according to the space you have in the kitchen. A sliding one would be suitable for you if you like to keep it sleek.  

Earthy green tones

Earthy green tones are one of the most popular kitchen trends in Melbourne. It's a great choice to update your kitchen with a deep forest green tone. This option creates a feeling of nature and is preferred by many people. 

Especially since the pandemic, people like to go with nature-inspired earthy green tones as they re-energise their kitchen space and can be used with various depths. 

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