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Bathtubs and Spas

Choosing the right bathtubs and spas for your bathroom can be challenging. Will it look good in your bathroom? Will it go with the rest of your homes interior?

The choice gets even more complex when you consider what bathtub size is suitable and if you want your bathtub freestanding, built-in, or back to the wall. Here's a breakdown of what you need to know and consider when you select a bathtub and spa for your home.

You may need to remove your old bathtub before installing a new one. To remove a bathtub, consider the following steps:

  1. Pull out the bathtub drain
  2. Disconnect the drain
  3. Disconnect waste and overflow
  4. Remove tub faucets and tiles
  5. Remove the bathtub

Offers a wide range of bathtubs and spas

More than making the best Bathtubs and Spas, we also create wonderful experiences while providing all of the wellness benefits of relaxation, comfort, and reconnection. Soaking in our bathtub can help reduce strain and improve sleep. 

We offer a wide range of bathtubs, such as back-to-wall spa baths, freestanding bathtubs, corner bathtubs and many more. You'll be able to discover a large variety of bathtubs for sale, regardless of what look and functionality you require.

Benefits of Soaking in a bathtub and spa

The benefits of using a hot bathtub vary from person to person. It mostly depends on your overall health and the way you use it. 

Regular use of your hot tub can help you regain lost flexibility and slow the natural stiffening that occurs with age. The warm water in your spa exerts hydrostatic pressure (pressure caused by the weight of fluids) on your body.

Using bathtubs and spas can reduce stress, improve your mental and physical health, and promote a feeling of general well-being. It also helps eliminate headaches by dilating the blood vessels by reducing pressure in your head. 

Using your hot bathtub can help you get eight hours of sleep each night. In fact, people who have insomnia or restless leg syndrome often report getting a better night's sleep after using a hot tub.


What is the standard size of bathtubs in Australia?

This is one of the most common questions, but there isn't one standard dimension of bathtubs in Australia. Standard bathtub and spa sizes in Australia are between 1500mm to 1700mm in length and 700mm to 750mm in width. Large bathtubs are typically 1800mm or longer, while small bathtubs are 1400mm or less in size.

How many litres of water is used?

The answer isn't simple. A small and narrow bathtub requires less water than a large one. Standard bathtubs usually require 50 to 150 litres of water in a tub. However, it's up to you to fill your bathtub to the level you want. You could choose a large bathtub yet never fill it above half its capacity. 

What elements are used in bathtubs?

Most bathtubs are made of these five materials.

  • Porcelain Enameled Steel
  • Acrylic
  • Fibreglass
  • Enameled Cast Iron
  • Cast Polymer