How to save money on a bathroom renovation in Melbourne

How to save money on a bathroom renovation in Melbourne

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The most common complaint about bathroom renovation is how difficult it is to stay on budget. With so many options, it's hard not to spend more than you want. These six tips will allow you to save your budget on bathroom renovation by utilizing your creative mind and getting smart with how you approach your design.

Create a budget and a plan

The most effective way to save money on a bathroom renovation is to create a detailed plan (and budget) and stick to it. If you know how much money you have to spend on the project, you'll know how much time you have to devote to each upgrade aspect. Develop your plan using your budget, and go over every detail, such as tile work, a new vanity, paint, and decor. This way, there will be no surprises when it comes to the cost of the finished project.

Don't Change the Layout

If you're not careful, bathroom renovations can quickly stretch your savings. Keeping the same layout is one of the ways to save money. Consider the cost-benefit ratio and whether it's truly worth it if you want more bathroom space. Moving the pipes and toilet, as well as resizing the room, will significantly increase the cost. Before making a decision, always consider the pros and cons.

Refinish instead replace 

If your tub, vanity, plumbing fixtures, or shower are in poor condition, consider refinishing them rather than replacing them entirely. If they're simply worn out but still function properly, restoring and reviving them will save you far more money than replacing them. Today there are many useful products available that make this process much easier. For example, if the bathtub needs repair, a special coating can quickly restore its gloss. This will also help to make your renovation more environmentally friendly by avoiding the disposal of old fixtures in a landfill.

Hire a professional renovator

If you don't have any experience in bathroom renovation, it would be good to hire a professional bathroom renovator. Poor project management can blow out the bathroom renovation budget leading to mistakes in trade coordination and material installation on-site. Due to a lack of experience, hiring the right bathroom professional to coordinate your bathroom renovation project can help you save a lot on unnecessary labour costs. 

Save on lighting

Good lighting always enhances the look of the bathroom, but for it, you don't need to buy expensive lights. A bathroom mainly needs lighting overhead, above the vanity, between the mirror and the edge of the vanity. So choose to place lighting in the appropriate spaces to save a lot on bathroom renovation in Melbourne. And most importantly, use LED spotlights for your bathroom. At first, they might seem pricey, but later they will make you save on your electricity bills.

Consider open shelves

Get creative with storage to save money on your bathroom renovation project. If you don't require fancy built-in cabinetry, consider using open shelves to complement the overall space and save money on the renovation.

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