How to Utilise The Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

How to Utilise The Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

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The area under the Kitchen sink is one of your homes most overlooked and unutilised storage spaces. However, just because it has a winding pipe running through it doesn't mean it has to be another junk drawer. Due to their awkward size, these areas are usually ground for your bulk cleaning sprays, grocery bags, and supplies. You can quickly transform this space into a functional and pretty space with a few simple organisation strategies to get your cleaning done faster and easier!

Organise your cabinet

Take everything out of the cabinet before you do anything else. Analyse your supplies and discard anything that is expired, leaking, worn out (such as shrivelled sponges) or nearly empty. Then, sort similar group items to categorise whatever is left—keeping specialty cleaners in the kitchen (such as granite and stainless steel sprays) and relocating items, such as toilet bowl cleanser and shower jets, to the bathroom or utility closet.

Clear counter space

There is no rule that paper towels have to be placed on a countertop. This is especially important to remember if you have a small kitchen with limited counter space. Make room at the front of your under-sink cabinet for a paper towel holder that is easily accessible. Make the most of the remaining space by installing a sliding double-decker organiser for cleaning supplies and a holder for plastic or garbage bags.

Hang a door organiser

Doors are usually ignored when looking for additional storage space, whether inside closets or cabinets. A single or two-tiered organiser hung over a kitchen sink cabinet can provide quick access to items you need, especially when your hands are in the dishes. Lightweight items, such as gloves, sponges, cloths, or a scrubbing brush, sit comfortably in the organiser rather than disappearing into the cabinet's back. If you don't like how the hooks look after you close the cabinet, look for a door organiser that can be mounted on the inside.

Install a waterproof liner

Since the area under your sink may come into contact with water or other liquids, protect the base of your cabinet with a waterproof layer of adhesive vinyl paper or leftover laminate flooring. In case of a pipe burst, this can prevent costly damage. If they are not handled promptly, small drips can quickly become bigger issues.

Use drawers or bins

Instead of stacking bottles of cleaning solution one on top of the other along the underside of your sink, corral them into a strong and durable under-sink organiser to give the area a cleaner appearance. Some people prefer plastic storage caddy as it makes it easy to carry cleaning supplies from one room to the next while performing weekly chores.

However, if you're going for an even more sleek appearance, the best option is to hide the mess in a set of drawers. Just remember to leave room for your loose rags and sponges too. 

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