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 Best Bathroom Renovations This Side of South Yarra

How is your bathroom feeling? If you’re jaded by its faded walls, cracks or mould, that’s a three-fold sign that it needs a retool! Armed with a renovator’s toolbox and a killer blueprint, the Apadana Designers can get their hands dirty so you can get clean. But how do they do it? It all comes down to four factors: high-quality materials, stylish design elements, energy efficiency and enhanced functionality. How do they implement them? Keep reading to learn!

High-quality materials are relatively self-explanatory: we source and use only the best, making your bathroom renovations stand the test of time — and feel great to use — in your South Yarra abode. Stylish design elements are also what we’re all about. We’re dedicated to pushing out the old and introducing the newest modern designs, introducing a feeling of calm, which you deserve to feel during bathtime. Energy efficiency is another thing we prioritise; you can count on us to install only the most earth-friendly fittings in your bathroom. Finally, enhanced functionality is a product of a well-planned blueprint that optimises and opens up the available space. Step out of the bath to that luxurious, spacious ‘hotel’ feeling that’s anything but cramped.

We Dare You To Counter These Kitchen Renovations in South Yarra

Not all kitchens use their space well. You may need more bench space or better-positioned counters for more convenient food prep. For that matter, many kitchens have an outdated feel. Perhaps the house was built decades ago and its era is painfully apparent — in the wallpaper, tilework or materials used. Apadana Design conquers all things outdated and leaves in its place the best kitchen renovation Melbourne could imagine. Here’s how we do it.

We start by sourcing and using high-quality materials that will ensure longevity and pleasurable kitchen pastimes. Because if we’re going to redo your kitchen to a kingly standard, it may as well stay that way for decades to come, right? We also implement smart storage solutions exactly where you need them — think cabinets, built-in organisers and pantry systems. Regarding aesthetics, only the most stylish design elements will do. We restore your kitchen to reflect present-day trends, taking cues from the latest modern designs. Finally, we ensure your kitchen adheres to a high-quality blueprint optimising your space. Because your kitchen should be as functional as it is fun to use!

Get the Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations of Your South Yarra Dreams

Who does the best kitchen and bathroom renovations for South Yarra abodes? Apadana Design does! Leverage our renovations service and restore your ideal kitchen or bathroom today. Drop into Apadana Design or request your free consultation now! From start to finish, you’ll love what we do.

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