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Get a Glowing Kitchen Renovation — Make St. Kilda Green With Envy

More than a mere food preparation station, your kitchen should be a studio for unleashing your creative culinary arts. More importantly, it should be a safe space for your friends and family to debrief about their day and enjoy much-needed nourishment. If your kitchen’s feeling faded and old, we can breathe life back into its tired tiles and flickering fluorescent lights. Here’s how we do it!

First of all, we use and source only the highest-quality materials — because if your kitchen is going to look great, it may as well stay that way. Premium materials make for an aesthetic and durable kitchen that’s a pleasure to use. We also incorporate storage solutions — such as pantries, cabinets and built-in organisers — into the ideal places so you can grab what you need when you need it. When designing and building your kitchen, we ensure it aligns with the latest modern or minimalist designs — because the kitchen renovation Melbourne dreams of is on-trend. Finally, we optimise your space by tailoring a layout that makes entertaining enjoyable and cooking a breeze.

Brilliant Bathroom Renovations, St Kilda

If your bathroom has seen better days, you can bid adieu to the mould and mildew — and say hello to a rejuvenation station you’ll never want to leave. From clean, serene aesthetics to a deep-seated tub, your bathroom’s features should wash away not only the daily grime but also your everyday cares and anxieties. This is how we transform a drafty, dingy bathroom into a first-class ensuite or sanctuary.

As with our kitchen renovations, we only use and source the most premium materials to ensure a durable bathroom that’s comfortable and enjoyable to use. We carry out our bathroom renovations with the intent to create a tranquil corner in bustling St Kilda — and aesthetics are also a large part of that. We do away with outdated designs, welcoming modern and minimalist aesthetics to set the right relaxing tone. On top of that, we always choose the greenest, most planet-friendly fittings to ensure your new bathroom goes easy on Mother Earth and your energy bills. And, of course, when we redo your bathroom, we’ll optimise your space, opening up the room so you can better navigate it.

Upgrade Your Bathroom or Kitchen With a Top-Tier Renovation — St. Kilda

At Apadana Design, we aim to rejuvenate your tired, old, tiled areas into something spectacular. With a bathroom or kitchen renovation from us, your St. Kilda home will sparkle with the sheen it wore when it was first built.

If you’re ready to renovate and rejuvenate, contact Apadana Design online, and we’ll respond shortly. Alternatively, call us on 0493 071 271 to speak with someone directly. Are you ready for your most worthwhile upgrade yet?

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